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Heavy Duty Roll

Sod Roll 

Advantages of Using a Commercial Sod Roller


Rolling your sod has a couple of great benefits for your lawn. Our Commercial Sod Roll weighs approximately 905 lbs. The most important benefit is that it helps the roots of the sod come into firm contact with the soil. It tightly presses the sod into the soil, which gives the roots immediate access to moisture. This allows the roots to knit together quickly. It essentially kick-starts the growth process needed for a successful lawn.



A sod roller also helps remove air pockets trapped beneath the sod. Over time, these can result in dead patches as the roots cannot properly form in these pockets. Rolling ensures even growth.

Rolling also helps your lawn in the long term. It helps to smooth out any unevenness that could occur during the grading stage. If a roller isn’t used, the soil underneath becomes soft as it is not compacted properly. This also leads to depressions being made when it is walked upon, leaving you with a bumpy and uneven lawn. These depressions can also make it hard for you to mow your lawn.

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